Faces i’ll never forget

Faces I’ll never forget

A face, I guess we all have one, might it be pretty or not, keen to be used for selfies or not.. One would say a face can lie, as a facial expression can be faked, a superficial scar can be erased, an eye color changed. Faking a smile is something common after all, so my face can’t really tell who I am, what I went through and what are my feelings.

Is that so? Don’t we use the faces of the people we meet to judge them? It would even be a principle of racism as origins can be linked to “typical faces”. I myself often look at the eye movement of whom I speak to detect where they focus their attention. At the depth of their look to assess pride, intelligence, vitality; or even at the effects of time on their skin to guess their age. Then a face must be more than just a material that we can modify as we please.

I like to think that a face can’t lie, at least not completely. If you let your eyes wander on someone’s face, you can grasp a part of their personality, admire the strength and the beauty of someone crushed by years of hard work, enjoy the innocence of a children unaware of the complexity of human beings, learn from the modesty of a women who gives everything she has for her beliefs..

The photos I present here are an abstract of portraits I made during my travels, portraits from people that had me wonder about their lives, their experiences.

Faces I’ll never forget




Glimpse of China


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